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3 Reasons Why Your House Is Still Trashed: Beliefs That Stand Between You and The Home of Your Wildest Dreams

When it comes to house cleaning motivation. There are 3 surprising beliefs standing between you and the home of your wildest dreams. And they’re all sitting in your head, so now it’s time to get them out!

You’ve no doubt heard the old adage that says “home is where the heart is” which means for many people, their house is a refuge from work or school stress. But too often our houses are more like battlefields than havens from life’s worries. So today I’m unpacking these 3 beliefs so you can get your mind right when it comes to all this house stuff!

The First Belief. One of the most damaging beliefs is that your house has to be perfect or you won’t feel content there.

Did you know a social worker for child services would be suspicious if they visited a child in an immaculate home? Why? Because children make a mess, like 24/7, even in their sleep! When you have children your home is clean and tidy for around a minute and a half per day. I know, because I clean and tidy every evening and literally a minute later my son comes down from his cave and starts making food again. It’s normal.

The social worker walking into the immaculate home would immediately be suspicious that you’re keeping your children locked away somewhere so that they don’t make a mess. It’s true, we had a lady work here while studying to be a social worker and that’s exactly what she told me.

So don’t be ashamed of a little bit of mess or handprint on a patio door, it’s normal. Just take a photo of your home when it IS tidy and clean so you can prove to people you actually cleaned haha.

The second belief is thinking you have to declutter fast. Great house cleaning motivation is de-cluttering but there has to be method in the madness.

While this is true to a degree and you will need to have a brutal declutter to begin with. It isn’t a task that should be left for years. It’s great that you found the motivation but there is a method you need to use when de-cluttering and cleaning the house.

Decluttering your house FAST or trying to clean up quickly from all those YEARS OF CRAP can be tough on anyone.

As such this becomes something like climbing a never-ending hill…sometimes setting us back instead of helping us move forward. While also keeping that cyclical pattern in place: clean now but have an absolute NIGHTMARE later down the road!

My sister’s house is virtually clutter-free. She didn’t always be like this though so don’t be fooled but she developed a system over the years after she moved out of our parent’s house.

Once she hasn’t used something for a couple of weeks, she just throws it out or donates it. If her clothes don’t fit, she gets rid. If a letter lies around for more than a day, it gets thrown out, you can get all your mail online anyway.

When you adopt HER system, decluttering your house will be much easier. It’s not about having a completely clutter-free home all the time, it’s about being selective and picking up what matters to you when it comes to items in your home which leads me nicely into my third belief why many of us don’t have that dream house.

The Third Belief. I don’t have the time. And this is the biggie I come across time and time again for people with every excuse for cleaning the house.

“I don’t have the time”. Really Karen, what did you do at the weekend? What were you doing last night? You can’t Netflix and chill for the rest of your life Karen. Get your butt off that sofa and go tidy something. Take this as motivation to clean your house.

If I could give you one single piece of advice on this subject, it would be, don’t sit down. Because once you sit down, out comes the phone and you lose 3 hours of your life scrolling TikTok or you fish out the remote and get sucked into the next big binge-watch on Netflix. I know this happens, I do it myself and also wonder where the hell my time went. I use a lot of Youtube videos for house cleaning motivation. Here are some of my house cleaning motivation videos to get you in the swing of things.

But do you know what I do? I snap out of it. Because I’ve got goals and I want my home to be just so. It may not be just so all the time. But it is just so enough that I keep my sanity (to a certain degree).


It’s time to stomp out these limiting beliefs, taking action like this in one area of your life inevitably spills into other parts of your life. You’ll soon find you are more ambitious, more motivated, healthier, happier and in a state of wellbeing that everyone should be in.

As an example, I wake up every day excited. Another day to do what I love. And what do I love, my family, my work and my home? And why do I love them? Because we work, we just work together. I love having no mess, I love being organised. When I’m organised at home, I’m organised at work.

It’s as simple as that, it’s not rocket science, it’s not some new fad, it’s just how organised people live and you can live like this too. It’s a learned habit and every new habit takes 90 days to set in. Use my daily planner to start your journey to a more organised and happy you.

This post contains affiliate links.

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