Cleaning Motivation: GET SERIOUS & Make Your House Sparkle


Lacking cleaning motivation? Feeling overwhelmed or just generally can’t be bothered?

We know we need to clean but totally struggle with motivating ourselves to actually do it.


A lot of people tend to find themselves in this situation where they want so badly for the house or apartment that they live in to be clean and tidy- yet when tasked with doing the actual work needed there is a reluctance because cleaning can seem like such an arduous chore. 

You know it’s true. You can’t keep your house clean if you’re not motivated to do so. Anyone who has tried knows that the mess just creeps back in without any effort whatsoever! But there are ways to stay motivated, and it just so happens that cleaning motivation has become my speciality on YouTube. I have 12 tricks for you here that will help make your house sparkle again!

YouTube Cleaning Motivation Videos – Tip 1

Obviously, I was gonna lead with this first tip. YouTube is full of motivation to get you in the mood for cleaning. Of course, there is my own channel below.

And there are so many other channels to look at too. Some of my favourite cleaning motivation channels on YouTube are:

Sarah Goldsmith – My Channel

Brianna K

Gemma Louise Miles

This Crazy Life

Sarah Goldsmith – My Channel again haha

You can subscribe to any of these cleaning motivation channels by clicking the name links.

Start With The Small Things – Tip 2 – Cleaning Motivation

start small

If you’re just not feeling it or feeling completely overwhelmed, then I recommend starting with something small like washing the dishes or loading the dishwasher.

Our lives are full of small tasks that lead to other tasks which eventually lead to the bigger picture. In this case a clean home.

You’ll spend less time on household chores if you just do a little each day. So stop waiting for the weekend and get started washing those dishes!

Make Cleaning Rewarding – Tip 3

Having a clean and tidy home is reward enough for me.

However, If you’re cleaning the house and find it to be tedious, take a break once in a while. Reward yourself for every completed task by taking time out of your day to do something that’s more fun than scrubbing floors.

This will make cleaning seem less like an obligation!

Get New Cleaning Tools – Tip 4 – Cleaning Motivation


There’s no greater joy for me than taking out a new cloth or sponge to clean with. It looks and feels so nice but also, a new microfiber cloth or sponge, cleans so much better than an old raggedy one. This can reduce cleaning time significantly and make cleaning a breeze.

I recommend the Costco Kirkland Yellow Microfiber Cloths for cleaning cars, kitchens, bathrooms, dusting furniture, well, just about everything. How much more cleaning motivation do you need?

More! OK!

Buy New Cleaning Solutions – Tip 5

Aside from cleaning with new tools. The cleaning sprays and solutions you use to clean could be the reason your cleaning motivation has up and left the building.

Using a good quality cleaning solution that smells amazing can be so motivating for some people. Just imagine when you’re all finished and the house smells fresher than ever!

My recommended cleaning solutions are listed below:

Mrs Meyers USA

Skoosh Australia

Method United Kingdom

All of these cleaning solutions are Eco friendly.

Keep A Cleaning Kit in Every Room – Tip 6

Why not remove the obstacles altogether?

I mean, isn’t it so soul-destroying to get all the way up the stairs to the bathroom only to find out it needs cleaning?

But! Going back downstairs, all the way to the kitchen or utility room just seems like too much hard work, so you shut the bathroom door and pretend it’s not happening.

Sound about right?

What I like to do is, keep a cleaning kit in every room. It’s not a massive kit, just a few microfiber cloths, a duster, some cleaning spray and a packet of wipes in each bathroom.

These small basket caddies are perfect to tuck away in a drawer with all your fave cleaning supplies in them:




Turn Off Distractions – Tip 7

In my house, the TV is very rarely off. It’s hard to concentrate, hell, it’s blaring right now while I’m trying to think. My family are neanderthals, what can I say?

But if you seriously need some cleaning motivation, then turning off all the distractions is gonna drastically improve your productivity levels.

Take it one step further, turn off your phone too, lock the doors. Do whatever you can to get focused for an hour.

Turn On Some Music – Tip 8 – Cleaning Motivation

me listening to music

When I was a kid, we knew sh@t was real when Tina Turner was turned on the record player. If Tina Turner came on that meant that Mam was about to have a serious clean!

Use this same method to motivate yourself to clean. Put some Tina Turner on, put some euro rave on, rap, whatever it is that gets you excited will motivate you to clean too.

I use the Amazon Show and the Echo devices to play music, this way, I can have it in every room as I make my way around the house. So motivational.

Use a Cleaning Checklist – Tip 9

Write yourself a checklist (or feel free to use mine) to break down your tasks and remember everything you need to clean.

A checklist not only keeps you on track but can also give you cleaning motivation by seeing each task being ticked off as it’s completed. Each completed task brings you closer to the finish line! How motivating is that?!

Make Cleaning Fun – Tip 10

A lot of our members in Keep It Clean Club are taking my advice from the habit-building section of the course. The advice, taken from James Clears book, Atomic Habits, states that making a task more attractive or fun makes the task easier.

What we’ve been doing for laundry folding specifically is, watching TV or a Netflix show while we fold laundry. Most of us don’t even realise we’re folding laundry and it’s done subconsciously while we enjoy doing something we find fun.

Try it next time you’re folding laundry.

Have a Place For Everything – Tip 11

Removing the obstacles from cleaning makes getting motivated to clean so much less of a chore.

Putting things away immediately after using them reduces the amount of clutter lying around and makes cleaning easier.

It’s so much more motivating to clean when you can see the surface you’re cleaning.

Get a Cleaning Routine -Tip 12

Cleaning motivation is a hell of a lot easier if you already know what your routine is. A good routine swings back to what I said earlier about a checklist. Using a combination of both reduces the friction between doing something and not wanting to do something.

In Keep It Clean Club, we use routines for daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly tasks. Breaking it down into routines like this, helps us build habits and when a task becomes habitual, it becomes autonomous. Therefore, most of us don’t even know we’re cleaning when we are.


You can build out your own routine or join us in Keep It Clean Club at

Join A Like-Minded Community – Tip 13 Cleaning Motivation

Just like joining the gym to get inspiration and motivation. You can join a community of like-minded home keepers to get yourself some encouragement and cleaning motivation. I’ve mentioned Keep it Clean Club above which is our paid membership with so much guidance and perks. But, I also have a free community, My Free Facebook Group, Cleaning Hacks, Tips and Advice.

Please feel free to join us, the group is packed full of, you guessed it, hacks, tips, advice but also cleaning motivation. I post my cleaning motivation videos in there as well as my product reviews, how to’s and memes.


From routines to checklists and even down to your cleaning product arsenal. This post is sure to give you some cleaning motivation to tackle your to-do list today.

If you found this post helpful, pin it on Pinterest to your cleaning board.

Clean Your House in 1-Hour or Less – 11 Time-Saving Tips


Clean your house in 1-hour? I know it sounds hard to believe but honestly, it is so achievable with a little bit of planning.


The average person spends more than 3 hours a week on household chores. That’s over 150 hours every year! And that doesn’t include the time it takes to do laundry, wash dishes and vacuum carpets. It can be overwhelming to try to keep up with everything on your “to-do” list, especially when you have other commitments. But don’t worry–we’re here for you! We’ve compiled 12 quick tips that will help make cleaning your home easier so you can get back to doing what really matters in life: spending quality time with family and friends!

Clean Your House in 1-hour -Tip Number 1 Delegation

Obviously, delegation is at the top of my list because as I always say in every post, it is not only your responsibility but every other person in your household. But delegation doesn’t have to start and end with you and your family.

FOR EXAMPLE, I employ a gardener, an oven cleaner, a carpet cleaner and a window cleaner. Not all at the same time. But they take care of the tasks that I or anyone else in our household just doesn’t want to do.


We arent a green-fingered family but we like a nice garden, so the gardener takes care of that for us and does a pretty stand up job, much better than we could do ourselves.

Oven Cleaner

As for the oven cleaner, he is a godsend. I despise cleaning the oven, not only because of the mess. But, because I know the professional oven cleaning guy can do a much better job than I can. He takes apart everything inside the oven, including the burners and dips in a huge tank of acid. Neither I or a standard domestic cleaning company have these kinds of tools so it makes sense to hire a professional if you want a professional job done. My oven cleaner cleans my range cooker oven for £70. That’s about the going rate. A domestic cleaning company armed with the same tools and cleaning supplies we all have at home will charge around £25-£35 for a standard oven. But their standard clean won’t be as higher quality as the professional oven cleaner.

I get my oven cleaned by a professional once or twice per year.

Carpet Cleaner

My carpet cleaning guy and I are kind of like mates now. It seems I’m always calling him out for some kind of carpet emergency. Most recently was for my caravan rentals. Because of how busy the summer holiday season is this year, my carpets and upholstery in the caravans have taken a beating. My once cream carpets and sofas are now a dingy brown colour. So instead of attempting to do this myself and waste hours and hours of my precious time. I employ him, and he charges £90 per caravan. This leaves me free to either spend more time with family or work on my business, the latter also results in more family time further down the line.

Window Cleaner

The window cleaner, never seen but you know he’s been……. because he puts a card through the door.

Windows (exterior) is another job I absolutely refuse to take on myself. Why bother? For £8 the window cleaner comes once a month, with all his special equipment and leaves my windows clear and streak-free. Resulting in me spending the time on things I want to do.

Domestic Cleaners

And it doesn’t have to stop there, you can employ domestic cleaners like our very own purple cleaners, who will come in once a week and blitz your place for £35. They’re coming to my house when I’m on holiday to keep my home clean while I’m away.

And you might be wondering, but Sarah, you’re on holiday, it won’t get dirty. Oh, but it will dear, just because you aren’t there, does not mean it is not getting dirty. By the time I get home, the house will be thick with dust, the toilet water will be stale and the sinks will start to smell funky too.

While I am away, it will be the perfect time to give the house a thorough mopping, because if no one is there, no one can walk over the freshly mopped floors and re-dirty them. Do you see my logic here?

This first tip is enough to save you hours and hours of cleaning per year and I highly recommend taking up at least the window cleaner and oven cleaner.

Tip Number 2 Clean as you Go

Cleaning as you go can save you from a deep clean entirely because you spend a few minutes a day cleaning up after yourself.

An example from my own cleaning schedule is: When I get out of the bath and I’m waiting for the water to drain, I clean up the sides, the mirror and the sink and once the bath has drained I wipe that out and remove any tide marks I left behind. Cleaning like this takes no more than 5 minutes and my bathroom stays immaculate because of it.

Another oldie but goodie is to clean up the kitchen immediately after using it. I never have to spend my whole Saturdays cleaning anymore because I’m always cleaning while completing other tasks or immediately spending 5 minutes afterwards cleaning up.

Cleaning as you go will certainly help you clean your house in 1-hour or less.

Tip Number 3 Power Hour Clean

If cleaning as you go and delegation aren’t your things. You can always adopt a power hour cleaning schedule. The idea of a power hour is to set a timer for 1-hour and see how much you can get done before the timer runs out.

The psychology behind this is that because you’ve set a timer, it feels like a race, so you’re more likely to stay on track and not let yourself be distracted by external triggers.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can actually get done in one hour cleaning your house.

Tip Number 4 Adopt A Professional Strategy

Professional cleaners, like ours, are like robots at cleaning and they always leave the place spotless.

This is because we have specific strategies and routines for every type of cleaning. On a general domestic cleaning, we see a room and work in a logical manner, moving top to bottom and left to right around the room.

This ensures that every inch has been dusted and cleaned. But more importantly that we aren’t wasting any time zig-zagging from one task to another. By adopting a professional strategy you can definitely clean an average 3 bed UK house in 1-hour or less.

The living room including dusting and hoovering should take 10 minutes, bedrooms 10 minutes and a small kitchen and bathroom 15 minutes each.

To save even more time, we clean small area floors by hand, rather than trying to fit a bulky mop in a tight space and wasting time.

This brings me to my next tip.

Clean Your House in 1-hourTip Number 5 Declutter

Tip number 4 does not work without tip number 5. An average 3 bed UK house with lots of clutter will take a lot longer to clean than a minimal house. Use my declutter checklist to get rid of everything you don’t need ASAP.

And try to be as minimal as possible. In bathrooms, always put away your bottles and sponges.

Keep toothbrushes in a pot in a cupboard. Why? Not just for decluttering purposes but for hygiene purposes. When we flush our toilets, all the bacteria are dispersed into the air, and where do you think it lands? Yep, you got it, in the bathroom, where your toothbrush is. Keep it away in a cupboard where it cant be contaminated.


Tip Number 6 Use Decorative Trays to Clean Your House in 1-hour

Use decorative trays to gather up any clutter that cant be put away, in my bathroom, I use a tray for the bottles that are used daily. That way when I’m wiping down the bathrooms, I simply lift up the tray and clean rather than fiddling on for a half-hour with 300 bottles. A minute saved is a minute gained.

Tip Number 7 Decant Liquids

This isn’t really a clean your house in an hour tip. But it just looks nicer. Decant shampoos, conditioners and body wash into nicer pump bottles. They’ll look a lot nicer on your decorative trays and actually save time when you’re bathing or showering.

Tip Number 8 Clean The Toilet After Use

I don’t know about you, but I did mention this in today’s YouTube video. Take a look here. And in the video, I announced to the world, that when I do a number two. After I’ve cleaned myself, I clean the toilet and it doesn’t take any time at all. This alone can save you 10 minutes of cleaning time on cleaning day.

Tip Number 9 Pump Up The Volume

Music is good for the soul and your motivation levels. That must be why people who exercise, listen to music while doing so. The same goes when you want to clean your house in 1-hour.

My go-to is a little house music on the Amazon Echo or I put on my own motivational cleaning videos on the Amazon Show. It will play through my playlist which is full of upbeat motivation to get me zooming through this house.

Tip Number 10 Clever Storage

Use clever storage hacks to save space and have a place for everything. I have storage for absolutely everything. And I have techniques that not only save space but time too.

For instance, in this video, click here, I explain my method for folding clothes. In a nutshell, I roll them and store them in the drawers, it keeps creases to a minimum and I can easily find what I want to wear in the mornings. Not only this, it saves my room from becoming cluttered with clothes that have nowhere to go, thus saving me time cleaning because I’m not constantly moving things around.

Because I don’t have bathroom drawers, I have baskets where I store face cloths, rolled in the same way. This leaves my surfaces free from clutter so I can easily pick up the basket to clean underneath.

Use hooks to hang things on the backs of doors, just to free up floor space so you can easily move around and reach surfaces when cleaning.

The more “stuff” you have a home for, the less time you’ll spend tidying and you’ll get the most out of your 1-hour cleaning.

Tip Number 11 – The Ultimate Tip to Clean Your House in 1-hour

Use technology. Cleaning technology has evolved 10 fold these last few years. From robovacs to robomops. There’s a bot for almost every task, well, not really, but we can’t be far off.

I use a Eufy Robovac for our daily vacuum saving 20 minutes a day. That’s just for the daily vacuum though.

To save time on your thorough weekly vacuum, and be able to clean your house in 1-hour invest in a stick vacuum. I’ve used them all and by far the best of the rest is the Dyson stick vacuum, the newer models are a lot more efficient and have better batteries than the older models but if an older model is what you’re budget allows, then go for that. You’ll be glad you did when it comes to vacuuming the stairs. There’s nothing worse than trailing cords when you’re trying to vacuum the stairs.

Buy a Robovac like mine.


Using these tips you can definitely clean your house in 1-hour!

Although if you’re in a 10-bed mansion, it’s probably not feasible and probably time you delegated a lot of the heavy work to professionals.

However, if like me, you’re in a small place, then using my storage and organizing hacks you can free up your space to get the most out of your cleaning whether it’s a power hour or a 5 minute daily clean.

Either way, I hope these tips will get the most out of your cleaning for you.