21 Genius Small Kitchen Organization Hacks.

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Organizing my small kitchen is extremely challenging, however, these days there’s an organization solution for almost any type of space.

When living in a small space it is imperative you maximise every inch you can find. I live in a typical English traditional terraced house. Terraced houses in the UK typically have small galley kitchens. This is because a small yard generally comes with this type of house too and usually half that yard is used for the kitchen extension. But because of building regulations here, you can only use half the space available for the extension, hence, the galley kitchen.

Here’s my lowdown on what works best in a tight kitchen like mine. Bare in mind, we don’t have a pantry either, so these are all kitchen cupboards, fridges and worktop organization products. 

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Canned Food Racks

Rethink the way you stack your canned food. Everyone automatically adopts the stacking format for canned foods but there are easy, more efficient ways to store your canned foods. 


These handy organization racks from Amazon can be used on your worktop or in your food cupboards. Buy them here.

Stackable Kitchen Storage Containers.

Maximising your kitchen cupboard space will save you so much stress. Rather than trying to stack your packers and bags of dried food. Try these genius Stackable Food Storage Containers. Not only are they stackable, but they are also airtight! Your food will stay dry and moisture-free, well, forever really. 


Buy them on Amazon here!

Kitchen Tool Storage

Utilising vertical storage in your kitchen not only saves you time looking for everything but can probably save your life too…… (you know…. So you don’t trip over the broom, mop and Swiffer).

This Kitchen Tool Wall Organizer is so easy to install, even I can do it. Literally, drill 2 holes and BOOM! You got yourself some vertical organization.


Get yours here!

Stackable Kitchen Organization.

These stackable fridge organizers for a small kitchen are something I personally use. They help me keep all our product types separate and organized so I can easily find anything I need out of the fridge. And because you can pull them out, there’s no need for digging around in the back of the fridge. Now if they only made something similar for freezers!


Get them on Amazon!

More Vertical Kitchen Storage Solutions.

Vertical storage racks are fab for storing your bakeware, chopping boards, cookery books and even pan lids. Use these storage racks to make your space organized and put together!


Grab yours on Amazon! 

Have a look around your kitchen, could you acquire more space with vertical storage solutions?

Plate and Bowl Racks.

This is a little hack I used to have in my old kitchen, now we have built-in plate storage. Basically, buy as many as these racks as you need to store your plates and bowls. This (you guessed it) maximises the available space and makes grabbing a plate or bowl simple. No more jamming your fingers.


Grab them here.

Expandable Pots and Pans Rack.

Here we go again with the vertical small kitchen storage, honestly, storing things this way is just easier and I find the stackable racks for pots and pans just can’t take the weight. So here is another nifty idea from Amazon for storing all your pots and pans neatly away in the cupboard taking your small kitchen organization to another level.

This rack is extendable, you can adjust the size based on your pot or pan size, store frying pans to large pots.

Bag them here!

Bakers Rack.

A bakers rack can be just the thing for making use of void spaces in your small kitchen. Galley kitchens like mine, often have a void at the end where the entryway is, you can make use of this space by installing a Bakers Rack, like the one below that I found on Amazon!

organizing rack for small kitchen

Get it on Amazon!

Lazy Susan.

A lazy susan makes for a great, easy access storage accessory in your small kitchen. But don’t just get any lazy susan, get a tiered lazy susan. This way, you can use your vertical space as well as the horizontal space. It’s a win/win for a small kitchen organization hack.

This one is perfect!

Utensil Organization.

This cooking utensil holder makes keeping your kitchen drawers clutter-free a breeze. Because they aren’t in the drawer of course. I recommend a nice ceramic or stone utensil holder because I always find that the metal ones will rust after not very long at all. Plus, the ceramic and stoneware type are just prettier and will only add to your kitchen decor. 

Try this one from Amazon.

small kitchen organization pot

And style it with these utensils.


Knife Organization.

I know keeping things on the worktops isn’t ideal in a small kitchen like mine. However, these cute knife blocks will look fabulous with your new cooking utensil pot so why not add this to your basket too. It’s practical and pretty!

Cutlery Organization.

Keep your kitchen drawers organized with these storage compartments that not only organize your cutlery but use every inch of space too.

The before photo cracks me up :).

Grab them on Amazon for $10-$15.

Shelf Rack.

Double and even quadruple your cupboard space by using shelf racks, they add height to the potential space so you can store more vertically. 

Undershelf Storage Baskets. My Best Small Kitchen Organization.

I’m a little ashamed to admit it but I have these Under Shelf Storage Baskets in every cupboard. They’re so convenient to use up that little bit of extra space between shelves in the kitchen cupboards. I store bags, tea towels, cloths, sponges, packet food, drinks sachets and all sorts in these. They’re so versatile and strong, you can even store jars in them.

I take my kitchen organization very seriously, if there’s a space, there’s an organization hack to fill it!

Only around $10 on Amazon right now!

Hanging Organizers.

Another fantastic way to utilise space and avoid the DIY aspect of it are these over the door wire organizers. Personally, mine are used for herbs, spices and stock cubes. And in the picture below, people use them for cleaning supplies, foil and food wrap and even chopping boards. So another versatile kitchen storage solution for storing just about anything while using all the space provided.

Buy them here!

Drawer Dividers For Clever Kitchen Storage.

Use drawer dividers in the kitchen to separate items. Group items by use, so group the cutlery, group batteries, group phone chargers and you can even group glasses by size if you have the sort of kitchen drawers that are deep.

Get drawer organizer dividers here.

Reusable Storage Bags. Insane Small Kitchen Organization.

These bags are genius! And I don’t know how I haven’t found them sooner. You can use these organizing storage bags to prep and store food in the fridge and the freezer! Finally, a storage solution for the freezer! You can even use them to store non-food items.

Get them here.

Water Bottle Organization.

Do you have an insane number of water bottles that fall out of the cupboard ever time you open the door? 

Yeah, me too.

So I found these water bottle organization racks. Very similar to the other racks discussed earlier, although, these are specifically for water bottles. You can buy 2 racks and join them together to create a bigger rack. And you can store these inside the cupboard or on a worktop.

What a fab idea! Get them here!

Magnetic Kitchen Organization.

Magnetic shelves…. Who knew?! This clever little hack is so handy! Attach the magnetic shelf to side of your washing machine for easy access detergent organization. Or, use them on the fridge to store your spices!

Storage Baskets.

Storage baskets are a must for the organization in any room! And the kitchen is no different. Use baskets to store anything and everything, from packet food to utensils. Anything goes. I have baskets under my kitchen sink so I can pull the basket out to reach what I need from the back without destroying the whole system in the process.

The type I use is below although you can pretty much get them in any other pattern, material or use.

Buy them here.

Egg Storage Container.

Egg storage for the fridge has been a little bit of a game-changer for me. The heavy-handed little people around here used to dump anything on top of my egg trays and therefore crush half a dozen of my fresh from the bot eggs. There’s nothing more soul-destroying than a smashed egg.

Now, I use these containers (I found mine at Aldi) to transfer the eggs into as soon as we get back from the hens. No more crying over smashed eggs.

And I can really make use of the space by being able to stack other containers on top.

These egg organizers are from Amazon and are the same as the ones I got from Aldi.

Get them here.

Conclusion on Kitchen Storage.

That’s my full round-up of genius small kitchen organization hacks that I use in my small galley kitchen.

One day in the not too distant future, I’ll have a bigger kitchen, although, I’ll be keeping my organization hacks because why waste valuable space?

Let me know in the comments if you use or have bought any of these kitchen organizing tools.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links.

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