Clean Your Grout with Hardly Any Effort

Clean Your Grout with Hardly Any Effort

Urgh.... Grout Cleaning..

There is an easier way you know... no scrubbing at all...

Want to know what this magic method for cleaning grout is??

I don't know if I really want to share this secret, I use it time and time again to create outstanding results when cleaning our End of Tenancy Student Lets....

Go on then... I feel generous..

All you need is two things...

Thick bleach and cotton wool strips.... you think I'm crazy, I know.

But read on..

This works best in bathrooms and kitchens with larger tiles, it does work for small tiles but is more time consuming.

All you need to do is prepare some cotton wool strips, cut to the length you need and soak in bleach, then place the soaked strips over the area's of grout that are stained or mouldy, because they are soaked they will stick to the tiles on their own.

Leave for a couple of hours, overnight is better.

Remove all the strips to reveal beautifully clean grout, just rinse and your done!

That's it, done.

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