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House cleaning doesn't have to be that long, laborious task you complete every weekend, after work and between shifts. There is a more convenient, easy and appealing way of getting more things done in less time...... delegating!


Delegate your house cleaning to a professional house cleaning company. Purple House Maid!


Keeping Your House Clean

Keeping your house clean and sanitised is paramount to your own well being and health. Sanitising a home properly kills 99.9% of bacteria including the influenza bug. House cleaning on a regular basis can reduce the spread of germs between surfaces, you and your family.


As a house cleaning company, we’re highly attuned to how fast germs can spread, our regular house cleaning not only focuses on giving your home a dazzle but we also focus on sanitising any high traffic areas within your home. These areas include and are not limited to door handles and the surrounding area, light switches, drawers, chair arms and all regularly touched flat surfaces.

What Else Can You Do?

There are many ways you can help combat the bacteria in your home between your regular house cleaning visits.

Washing your hands often.

Using disposable cloths or paper towels when possible, re-usable cloths should be disinfected after each use.

To prevent the spread of germs, all underwear, towels and household linen should be washed at 60C (140F) or at 40C (104F) with a bleach-based laundry product.

Run the washing machine on empty once a week, either at a high temperature or with a chemical disinfectant to prevent the growth of germs.

Don't leave laundry in the washing machine, as any remaining germs can multiply at an alarming rate.

Pedal bins are better for hygiene because they reduce the risk of hands picking up bacteria when they touch the bin lid.

Always wash your hands after handling rubbish and waste material.

Using a disinfectant spray on children's toys is a great way to ensure what they're playing with is sanitised.

Choose Purple House Maid

Our Purple House Maids bring everything they need to complete a thorough clean of your home including vacuums, mops, cleaning cloths and cleaning solutions.

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