Clean Your Grout with Hardly Any Effort

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Grout cleaning. The only guide you’ll ever need!

It’s no secret that the key to a beautiful bathroom is clean grout lines. But do you know how to clean your grout with hardly any effort at all?

I’m revealing my fool proof method for grout cleaning today.


What do I know about grout cleaning?

Hi, I’m Sarah Goldsmith, the owner of Purple Cleaning and this very blog. 

I’ve cleaned hundreds of bathrooms. The first problem I always find in a new client’s bathroom is moldy grout. Seriously, 9/10 clients have mold issues in the bathroom.

I used to scrub and scrub until my nails wore down and my fingers bled.

I tried all sorts of mold and mildew cleaners.


Mold & Mildew Killers.

The problem with mold and mildew killers is that when you spray them, the spray can get everywhere. 

You end up bleaching out the colour on your clothes and there is no chance of getting it to stick to the area you want it to clean.

The spray nozzle disperses the cleaner in all directions and you can waste a lot of the product and money in the process.

There is an easier way you know… no scrubbing at all…

Want to know what this magic method for cleaning grout is?

I don’t know if I really want to share this secret, I use it time and time again to create outstanding results when cleaning our End of Tenancy Student Lets….

Go on then… I feel generous..

All you need is two things…

Thick bleach and cotton wool…. you think I’m mental, I know.

But read on..

This method of grout cleaning works best in bathrooms and kitchens with larger tiles. It does work for small tiles. However, it is more time consuming.

Grout Cleaning Instructions

  1. Cut some cotton wool strips to the size you need.
  2. Soak the cotton wool in bleach (normal household bleach).
  3. Place the pre-soaked cotton wool over the moldy areas.
  4. Leave overnight or as long as possible.

If you’re using this method as a cleaner who has been hired. Then make this the first task you do. That way the bleach has the longest amount of time as possible to work. You may have to scrub a little if you are pushed for time.

This method of grout cleaning is so effective because the cotton wool grips the wall and doesn’t slide off. The bleach is stuck in place and has as much time as it needs to restore your pristine grout.

Once the cotton wool and bleach has been left overnight or as long as possible. Simply remove them. If some mold still remains, place them back and add a bit more bleach if needs be.

After removing the strips, rinse and give the area a thorough clean with your usual cleaning products. 

Removing the build up of bleach is very important if this is a bathing area. You don’t want to give anyone chemical burns.


This is by a long shot. THE BEST method of grout cleaning i’ve ever used and it doesn’t require hardly any effort.

If you follow my instructions precisely you’re guaranteed professional results.

I have a YouTube video walking you through step by step on how I clean moldy grout.

What is your go to method for grout cleaning? Reply in the comments.

And if you just don’t want to or don’t have the time to. You can hire us to clean your grout for you here.

This post contains affiliate links.

Sarah Goldsmith

Sarah Jane Goldsmith is the owner of multiple award-winning cleaning company. Purple Cleaning. With 7 years of industry experience and working with some of the most exclusive clients the Northeast of England has, she's gained a wealth of knowledge in cleaning and home organization. Her company, Purple Cleaning Services have won multiple awards for service in the commercial and domestic sectors. They are corporate members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, leading the way in safe, effective, and aesthetic cleaning. Sarah runs many social media channels including her successful YouTube channel where she teaches people how to clean and how to get the most from their homes. Her private community of raving fans love being part of her exclusive membership programme, Keep It Clean Club, which can be found at In her spare time, Sarah enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family, she has 2 young daughters and a teenage son. By day she is engrossed in helping many people stamp out the mess in their homes and live happier cleaner lives.

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