Power Hour Cleaning, 11 Hacks For a More Harmonious Home.

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Power hour cleaning.

Are you struggling to find time in your day-to-day life? Is it difficult for you to keep track of all the things on your list and get them done within a reasonable amount of time?

Well, if this is something that’s been bothering you, then I have some great news! There are many ways we can save both our sanity as well as our precious free hours.

For those with an even more hectic lifestyle than most people (such as myself), saving these minutes here or there will surely add up over time.

That being said– let me introduce my newest cleaning tips

The Quick Power Hour Cleaning Hacks! 

These 11 power hour cleaning tips should be able to help turn that messy house into a spotless home without much effort at all.

1- Get motivated – The number 1 hack for power hour cleaning.

Another thing you can do before your power hour is to put on some music, an audiobook or turn on a podcast. Utilize anything that will help you stay motivated, then feel good about yourself after because it’s like another workout!

Use my Motivational Cleaning Videos to get you moving!

2- Remove distractions

The goal is to try and get as much done as possible, so turn off your phone, find something for the kids to do for an hour.

3- Be organised

Cleaning is so much more fun when you have all the supplies that you need right in front of you in a caddy. No running around, back and forth for these things! I keep a small supply in every room!

4- Set a timer

You can set your timer on your phone just long enough, or if you have an Alexa ask her to do it for you. This cleaning hack is so simple for when you’re just getting started.

5- Focus

Focus on one room at a time.


Ask your kids and partner to help with the washing up, dishwasher, or tidying after meals.

7- Take care of the clutter

A fab cleaning hack for making the most of your Power Hour CleaningWhen your mornings are too rushed, throw items into a basket for later. Because it’s easier to take care of them when it’s more convenient and you have more time.

8-Quick wipe

After eating breakfast and dinner, take a minute to wipe down the kitchen surfaces like countertops or table tops with disinfectant wipes if you have them in stock! And don’t forget that bathroom sink and toilet either – those are easy targets for bacteria build-up as well. Just a quick wipe with some cleaning wipes.

9- Vacuum – The ultimate cleaning hack that changed my life!

Have a quick vacuum of the main area’s, for me that’s around the dinner table and kitchen. I recently invested in a robovac to take care of this for me, which is saving a tonne of time!

10-Speed Dust Cleaning Hack

Speed up dusting with a dusting wand.

11-Mop – My power hour cleaning secret

Mopping. Invest in a steam mop. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This will save you half the time and save your arms and back. This is a simple and effective cleaning hack.


After 90 days of following these cleaning hacks, it should become autonomous for you and the rest of the family. The kids may even begin to pick up after themselves without being asked or told to. 

This will obviously lead to a more harmonious home for all of you.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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