Only Three Ingredients to a Sparkling Clean Bath

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Cleaning the bath doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are only three things you really need to effectively clean your bath to a sparkling shine.

1: Fairy Liquid

2: Wet Micro-fibre Cloth

3: Dry Micro-fibre Cloth

So, first things first, squirt a little fairy liquid into your bath tub and rub in with the rougher side of your wet micro-fibre cloth, concentrate on the darker tide line around the top of the bath, around the plug hole and the overflow outlet. The grime will lift away easily, you’ll be able to feel it get smoother.

After you’ve gone wound the whole bath, rinse with water. Take your dry micro-fibre cloth, on the fluffy side and buff the entire bath, plug hole and overflow to a brilliant, sparkling shine.

Also use the dry micro-fibre cloth to buff up your taps to a streak free shine.

This method can be used on sinks, toilet’s and tiles. There’s absolutely no need to spend money on expensive cleaning products to clean your bathroom.

All our Purple House Maid’s and Purple Commercial Cleaner’s use this method because it brings the best results. And when using the antibacterial Fairy Liquid you can be sure your killing all those pesky germs lurking in every corner.

Give it a go and email us your results!

This post contains affiliate links.

Sarah Goldsmith

Sarah Jane Goldsmith is the owner of multiple award-winning cleaning company. Purple Cleaning. With 7 years of industry experience and working with some of the most exclusive clients the Northeast of England has, she's gained a wealth of knowledge in cleaning and home organization. Her company, Purple Cleaning Services have won multiple awards for service in the commercial and domestic sectors. They are corporate members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, leading the way in safe, effective, and aesthetic cleaning. Sarah runs many social media channels including her successful YouTube channel where she teaches people how to clean and how to get the most from their homes. Her private community of raving fans love being part of her exclusive membership programme, Keep It Clean Club, which can be found at In her spare time, Sarah enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family, she has 2 young daughters and a teenage son. By day she is engrossed in helping many people stamp out the mess in their homes and live happier cleaner lives.

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