Why Spring Cleaning Is Important

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Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. It’s the perfect time to clean up not just your home, but also your life. Why? Because it’s good for you! 

It’s important to take some time out of our busy schedules every year, even if it’s just one day, to focus on ourselves and what we need.

Spring cleaning can help keep things tidy in all aspects of your life: physical and mental health; finances; relationships – work, family, personal friendships…the list goes on! 

But why spring clean when you can have someone else do it for you? 

Check out my tips below about how to enlist the help of kids and spouses to make this task a little easier for you.

Spring Cleaning Tasks for Your Spouse

Men love doing man things, exploit that. Give him a small list (we don’t want to overwhelm him here, keep it small) of manly things to do that help towards the overall goal.

  1. Tidying up the garden
  2. Cleaning out the garage
  3. Moving furniture so you can clean underneath
  4. De-clutter their own clothes and nik naks

Spring Cleaning Tasks For The Kids

Most kids really do love to help out, especially the little ones, that’s my experience anyway. So embrace the enthusiasm, let them help out, make it fun. We like to set the camera away and record it. Later on, I edit the video and upload to YouTube for motivation for other people to watch. Like the one below. 

  1. Sort through toys
  2. Donate or throw out unwanted toys
  3. Cleaning anything child height and that is safe. 

My 2 year old loves helping out and will always help me clean by cleaning the windows, mopping the floors (kind of) and dusting any safe surface she can reach. The 8 year old is pretty good too.

This has now left you only your own clutter to sort through and the cleaning.

Don’t panic. This does not all have to be done in one day, unless you’re superwoman, then it’s expected. 

But I have designed a list you can work through at your own pace and to suit your schedule below. 

My Spring Cleaning checklist was created to break down the steps and tasks into bite size chunks, leaving you with free time to do whatever you love.

If you love cleaning, great, do as much as you want. If you hate cleaning, do one task per day or a few at the weekends. 

However, the purpose of this list is to have your Spring Cleaning completed by the end of April at the latest, just in time for summer.

Check Out My Other Resources and Templates To Guide You To Clean

Spring Cleaning Resets Your Home For Summer

Spring cleaning is so important for your home. It’s a chance to get all the windows open and blow out the cobwebs….. Literally. 

I just removed all the cobwebs from our home, they were everywhere! Winter is the time all the bugs come inside to keep warm and multiply. I can guarantee you, they are in every nook and cranny.

Cobwebs are a common feature in almost every home this time of year, so get those bad boys dusted out.

Spring Cleaning Motivation

The most wonderful thing about a good Spring Clean is that once you’re done, you’re on a roll, you’ll suddenly find motivation to complete other home projects.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to clean again afterwards.

However, cleaning can be so therapeutic and once you’re in a routine, just like working out or walking the dog. It will become the norm and your home will be clean almost all the time.

You’ll feel better about yourself if you’re not surrounded by clutter all day long!

I have one more motivational cleaning video for you before I go. If this cant motivate you, I dont know what will?


Summed up, Spring Cleaning is important for your health, your mental health, the health of your home and family.

I can honestly say, it is lovely coming home to a clean and tidy house, or perhaps, only needing to have a quick clean and tidy because the big Spring Clean has already been done.

If you’d like to get to know me and my team some more, join our Facebook Group. We’re a friendly community of cleaners, stay at home parents and people who just love to clean. 

See You In There!

This post contains affiliate links.

Sarah Goldsmith

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