Clean Quartz Countertops Safely! The Ultimate Guide!

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This was posted in our Facebook Group a number of times last week. How to clean Quartz countertops. I gave my advice, my thoroughly researched, trained and good advice that we also use in the cleaning company.

But to my horror there were 20 or more extremely dangerous comments advising the member to use cream abrasives, vinegar, lemon, bathroom cleaners. I was actually ready to cry because some of these people were “professional cleaners” and some were just people going around ruining their own quartz countertops.

Buying Quartz Countertops

If you are in the market for a new countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, quartz is an excellent choice. Quartz is a durable and low-maintenance material that looks beautiful with any decorating style.

How to clean quartz is a great question to ask if you are thinking about investing in this beautiful engineered stone for your home. Whether you are seeking to buy quartz counters for your kitchen or your bathroom, it is a countertop material that you will be extremely happy with no matter what.

Quartz Countertops Are Easy To Care For And Clean

Quartz countertops are not so hard to care for, in fact, they are quite low maintenance. But proper care and maintenance are essential if you want those swanky new quartz countertops looking their very best! So please leave the bathroom cleaners and vinegar in the cupboard for this one.

How To Clean Quartz Countertops?

Here are a few essential and very very important tips for cleaning your quartz countertops:

  • Always wipe down the surface of your counters after you use them. This will help prevent any stains or fingerprints from building up over time and keep your kitchen looking its best!
  • Clean up messes from your quartz countertop immediately. And this applies to every other surface too, cleaning as you go is just good sense!
  • Use water and a microfiber cloth whenever possible, this reduces the risk of cleaning chemicals dulling the shine on your swanky new quartz countertops.
  • You can use a mild detergent like dish soap although not all manufacturers recomend this and hot water with a microfiber cloth is still very effective.
  • If you need to use a cleaning chemical, make sure it is natural and won’t leave any residue on your countertops. Take a wet microfiber cloth with some isopropyl rubbing alcohol and rub the stain using the wet cloth. Next, you are going to want to wipe the counter again using just warm water. This will help with any tough stains that would not come off with a simple water and soap mix.
how to clean quartz countertops

pH-neutral Cleaners To Clean Quartz Countertops Are Best

Quartz countertops are beautiful, but they require special care when cleaning. You should always clean them with pH-neutral cleaners and avoid acidic or alkaline products to prevent staining the surface of your quartz. Unfortunately, hard water stains can still form no matter what you do! But using hot soapy water does remove them.

Where Do Quartz Countertops Come From?

Quartz is a type of rock that has been mined for centuries; its popularity in kitchens continues today as homeowners appreciate how it resists scratches from knives while also looking sleek and contemporary on their counters. However, when Quartz surfaces get dirty (it’s inevitable), we need to be careful because many commercial cleaning chemicals like vinegar will cause etching issues if used too often which could lead to discolouration over time due to acid exposure.

What Should I Avoid Using On Quartz Countertops and Surfaces When I Clean Them?

Lots of cleaning solutions and I’ve listed them below for you.

Mild Abrasives and Cream Cleaners

Never use mild abrasives like the pink stuff or cream cleaners because they will leave tiny scratches on the surface that will dull the shine. And the only way to come back from that is to have it repolished.

Vinegar or Any Other Kind of Acid


Never use vinegar or any other kind of acid on your quartz countertops because quartz does not cope with the PH imbalance and will also dull the shine.

Alkaline Cleaners

The same goes for alkaline cleaners, like bleach and oven cleaners. They will literally strip your quartz countertops in minutes.

Protect Your Quartz Countertops

Use a chopping board.

Don’t ever be tempted to chop or cut food on your quartz countertops. While it is scratch resistant it is not scratch proof. Always use a chopping board when cutting food. You’ll not only damage your quartz but your knives too.

Protect From Extreme Heat

Use trivets and hot pan stands when cooking. Never place a hot pan on quartz.

Dont stand On Quartz Countertops

And it goes without saying but don’t stand on your quartz countertops, if you need to be up at a high cupboard use a suitable step ladder. Anything caught on your feet, in your socks or on your shoes will absolutely scratch the quartz surface and then we’re back to getting it repolished.

If any of the cleaning methods above aren’t suitable for you. Then buy a special cleaner, made especially for quartz countertops. There are loads on the market. Always patch test in an inconspicuous place before going the whole haul and cleaning the lot.

Some suggestions for Quartz safe cleaners are below:


Propre Skoosh PH Neutral Multi-Surface


Weiman Quartz Clean & Shine


More Stone & Quartz Cleaner PH Neutral

My favourite is the Propre Skoosh Multi, its a fab all-rounder and really tough on stains but gentle on our more delicate surfaces like quartz and stainless steel. I love it so much I imported some from Australia to try for myself and the results have been blowing me away every day since.

I know I harp on about how good dish soap is, and it is. But this stuff cleans my windows, my hob, my oven, my quartz and my bathroom with hardly any effort.

Ive even cleaned old foundation stains off my wood dresser with it and cleaned the sticky residue off a cupboard from vinyl sticky back plastic, it just slid right off.

The bad news though, it’s only available in Australia right now, I’ll be importing a pallet to distribute some time in the future so watch this space.


To recap in short. Don’t use alkaline or acidic cleaners. Don’t use mild abrasives or even harsh abrasives (but I know you wouldn’t anyway). Get a chopping board. Clean up spills immediately. Never stand on the quartz countertop. If you need something stronger use a natural cleaner like rubbing alcohol BUT very quickly and very sparingly!

The first thing to do when you notice your quartz countertops have a stain is take care of it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and ill see you in the next one.

Sarah x

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This post contains affiliate links.

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