42 Hilarious Cleaning Memes and Jokes to Make Your Day

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Have you ever needed a laugh? Well, we’ve got your back. We know cleaning can be tough at times and we are here to make it better with some of the funniest memes around! There’s nothing like cleaning to bring on the laughs so take a look at our list below that is sure to tickle your fancy.

Vacuum Cleaning Meme

The deepest of profound thoughts, my mind is blown!


Pitching In Funny Cleaning Meme

Just look at this little guys face though, hahaha.


A Clean House Meme

I am certainly blessed to know this feeling. If you’d like to know how I do this, visit my website at sarahjanegoldsmith.com


Oh Billy, You Do Make Us Smile

Hands up who owns a Billy? Me!


Cleaning Meme (Or Lack There Of)

We’ve all had a Susan moment at some point in our lives. It might be funny now but at the time you feel like you are literally about to crack up. Once again, if this is you, pop over to my website sarahjanegoldsmith.com and find out how to restore order to your home.


Keyboard Cleaning

Hahaha I’ve certainly been in this situation once or twice.


This Cleaning Meme Should Be of My Son!


Which Friend Are You?


The Most Accurate Cleaning Meme On This Page

This is literally me. I’m not ashamed to say I have a vacuum on every floor of my house now and this is why!


Lady Gaga Cleaning Meme

Who doesn’t love a bit of Gaga?


We posted the next one in our Facebook Group, it was an instant hit!


Where are all the other man tips?

If this is number 42, I think we need to see the entire list, don’t you?


Oh that old chestnut!

Spoon versus human. Spoon always wins.


The pesky line of filth.

I started using the vacuum to get that pesky line of dust left behind.


The Chair

Who has a chair like this at home? It’s the latest trend!


Funny Quote Cleaning Meme’s

Next up we have a few funny quote’s in relation to cleaning. Credit Good House Keeping

Good Housekeeping Quotes, credit goodhousekeeping.com

This post contains affiliate links.

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