Take the Pressure off Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning can often lie with your employee’s. But let’s face it, those guys didn’t apply for your opportunity to be turned into the in-house maid at the end of their working day. When a manager places this kind of responsibility on their employee’s, it certainly adds unnecessary pressure on them, and will affect their overall work performance. Hire an award-winning cleaning company like Purple Commercial Cleaning Services, and alleviate that pressure, improve morale, job satisfaction and ultimately, profits.

Can Purple Commercial Cleaning Services really improve your business?

Having your workplace cleaned by a professional, commercial cleaning service has proven to reduce the spread of viruses in the workplace by 80-90%, and in turn reducing sick days and directly improving your bottom line. Sick days cost UK businesses £16 billion every year, equating to 6.5 days annually. Can you afford to risk it?

First impressions count

Potential clients and customers won’t be impressed much, if they walk into your office to mess and dirt, this is a big “put off”. Give them the WOW factor and employ a professional commercial cleaning company to take care of the dirty work.

Our Clients

Some of our clients include, gyms, salons, child care facilities, offices, factories and shops. We can also include a free deep clean for contracts of 12 months or more. We’re ready to help you take your business to the next level.


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