If you could work AND look after your family, would you?

Still searching for a career that is truly flexible? Something to fit in around your children, elderly relative or even another job? Look no further, here at Purple House Maid & Purple Commercial Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand the commitments of “real people” living in the “real world”. A regular 9-5 just isn’t practical when you’re a parent or juggling a multitude of responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up and join the dole queue. Our business was started by our founder, Sarah, in a situation just like yours, she had just gone back to work after maternity leave and was also the sole carer of a terminally sick relative. It wasn’t long before she realised that juggling everything she needed to do and paying for childcare was ridiculous. And because of this, set out on a mission to change the typical workplace. Things you will need to bring with you:
  • A fantastic attitude
  • Naturally positive outlook
  • Confidence
  • And last but not least…… A smile
What are you waiting for???? Seize the day…. Apply below.

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