Where should cleaning chemicals be stored?

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Where should cleaning chemicals be stored?

Cleaning chemicals are needed to keep homes and offices free of germs, bacteria and other unwanted bugs. 

While these products make for a clean space, they can be harmful if not stored correctly. 

There are several ways you can store your cleaning chemicals. So that they do not pose a danger to those in the home or office.


Cleaning chemicals should be stored in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.

In order to best protect your family and your home. It is best to store hazardous cleaners in a place where they will not be accidentally ingested or inhaled.

If you keep cleaning chemicals in the kitchen or bathroom, your family can easily be exposed to them. 

Keep cleaning chemicals in childproof containers at all times.

Always make sure you are storing cleaning chemicals in a cool, dry place. 

The reason behind this is because many of the chemicals used in cleaning products can become unstable when exposed to extreme temperatures or mixed with other liquids.  

Chemicals should not be mixed together.

Never mix cleaning chemicals, even household cleaning chemicals are dangerous and harmful. I have seen many TikTok videos whereby the creator is mixing 2 types of bleach chemicals. 

These chemicals are readily available at your supermarket. And they do actually come with a warning label stating not to mix them.

When the 2 types of bleach products are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs. Thus, producing a chemical gas vapor that is inhaled directly into the lungs of the user. 

The user may have no symptoms at all but I’d be more worried about the long term damage they are causing to their lungs. Especially if they’re cleaning this way every day.


Cleaning chemicals should not be stored near food or drinks. 

Chemicals with similar labels can still have different ingredients that will react differently to each other

Store cleaning products in their original containers, or in labeled plastic bags 

Be aware of the expiration date on each product. Some cleaning chemicals can begin to react once the expiration date has expired.

Store them in a locked cabinet to avoid misuse or accidental poisoning.

Never store cleaning chemicals in the same space as food, that’s just good sense.

Organise your cleaning chemicals.

I want to talk about the best way for you to organise your cleaning chemicals. 

You’ll be surprised at how much easier it makes life when your cleaners are organised in a way that is easy for you to find and use them time after time.

The first thing I want to tell you is that there are four basic types of household cleaners: laundry detergent, dish soap, hand sanitizers, and all-purpose cleaner

It’s important to know this because each type has different properties that make them better or worse suited for certain tasks. 

For instance, laundry detergent will not cut through grease so well as an all-purpose cleaner would but can get clothes clean without leaving any residues behind on fabric.

Dish soap is a great way to get dishes clean, but you should be careful when using it.

The use of dish soap will depend on the type of dishes and the degree of dirt or food residue. 

It can also vary depending on whether they are glassware, pieces that have been in contact with raw meat, or if there is burnt-on food residue. 

Dish detergent contains surfactants which break up the water molecules so that they adhere better to greasy residues left by foods such as eggs, butter, and bacon grease. 

Dish soap requires some elbow grease for best results; patience during washing will keep your dishes cleaner longer than before and save time later at drying them off.

Hand sanitizers, well, they’re for your hands.

And, you can buy a multi-purpose or make one with dish soap!

Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is the perfect way to organise your cleaning chemicals, so you can find them quickly and get on with your day. 

It rotates and dispenses the product at just the right angle. Plus, it makes for a fun game!

Cleaning Caddies

Cleaning caddies are also a great way to store your cleaning products. 

Once you have everything organised, you can simply place the caddy on a shelf or cupboard, out of reach of children, ready for when you next clean the house.


Like I said, to keep everyone around you safe, store cleaning chemicals in locked cabinets or cupboards or even a high shelf.

And to make your life easier, get a Lazy Susan or Cleaning Caddy you can just grab and go.

This post contains affiliate links.

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